What is done with waste oil?

What is done with waste oil?

What is done with waste oil?

Waste oil is one of the most polluting wastes there is, but if it has been successfully extracted and stored it can be recovered in full. Each year SIGAUS prevents the pollution of about 120,000 tons of used industrial oil from car repairs and industrial facilities. About 70% of this waste oil is processed to extract new lubricant bases (the essential product in the manufacture of new oils) from them, while the remaining 30% is used as industrial fuel.

SIGAUS Management

Through its management, SIGAUS not only prevents pollution, but also adds value to waste oil through treatments that enable its pollutant nature to be solved.


Once removed from the generation points, where it must have been stored and labeled in accordance with current regulations, it is sent to temporary storage or transfer centers where the necessary analyses are performed to determine

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